Most people don’t know it but hiring an interior designer can actually SAVE money.

That’s right. It’s more cost-effective to do your project with me, than without me. Save time, stress and learn exactly where to shop for what you want.

Why it’s more cost effective to Use an Interior Designer on your Project.

Allowing you to express your style is extremely important. I want to design a space that reflects your personality, not mine.

Working closely with you, I'll outline your scope of works, get a sense the design direction and go from there.

Do you have trouble making decisions? Let me offer you some curated suggestions, based on what you like and I can help you choose. Not before chatting to you about how things age, date or wear, of course. I want my clients to be empowered with all the information they need to live happily in their spaces.

After all, it’s you who will be living there, not me!

I value each client and their individual tastes and personality. The best thing about my job is that each project is different and I find it exciting to work with any style or personality.

Engaging the Interior Designer early in the schematic planning stage is key to the best interior outcome, providing you with the best aesthetic and functional space.

What does an Interior Designer do?

If you’re renovating, we won’t hesitate moving walls or entirely gutting an interior if it means improving the function and overall aesthetics of the space. We will prepare plans, drawings and renders. If it’s a new build, we will often work with your architect from the beginning of the project.

Interior Designers focus on not just creating aesthetically pleasing spaces but also highly functional rooms, considering all elements such as light, acoustics, accessibility, materials and structural considerations.  We also style the home to reflect the resident’s personality and needs, focusing on elements such as paint colours, floor coverings, furniture and fabrics. We work with you to design your bespoke kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or joinery. The list is endless

In the end, it's the little things that make the biggest difference, like whether the tiles line up properly, where the power points live and how many there are, choosing practical materials- like stone, understanding where the windows need to be and where the plumbing gets set out.

When tiny details are expertly thought out, they can entirely change how you use a space.

I’m Michelle Finan,

A people person, with a keen design eye and a fun-loving approach.

I have 20 solid years of experience in the commercial interior design industry, hotels, retail, hospitality, multi-residential, high end residential projects and more.

Completing my own home renovation ignited my desire to specialise in residential design.

Bespoke design is my passion, no two projects are the same. We can work together to create your unique space.

Because I love what I do, it naturally excites my clients and they find the experience fun, when it could easily go the other way.

Allowing you to express your style is extremely important. We want to design a space that reflects your personality and your taste that you love for years to come.

I've been a member of the Design Institute of Australia since 2005.

Contact me here and I'll arrange a time to chat in the next couple days.

the process is simple.

Contact me.
We set a time to meet.
I create your master plan and follow it through until the end.
let's get started

Sydney • coogee • randwick • New south wales

In my small design studio, I work on both residential projects and commercial projects.
My design experience spans 20 years in the commercial industry therefore I can take any design project and execute it to the millimetre.

I work with architects, trades and private clients to create beautiful design that is functional and timeless.

Today I'm primarily a residential interior designer and specialise in bespoke design practices and spatial design.

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